Testimonial of Crystal Therapy Workshop: Level 1 ~ Healing Chakra System

>> Thursday, May 2, 2013

“It has been my privilege to have been initiated into Crystal Therapy by Tristen Churn. He is gentle, kind and compassionate teacher. His way of teaching is interactive and communicative, keeping in mind that the student has grasped what is being taught. Prior to the Crystal Therapy course, I had some information about healing properties of a few crystals. However, now the information has been transformed into a knowledge on how to work and connect with the crystals’ energies. I have practised Crystal Therapy on a few family members and friends. It has helped, uplifted and physically healed a few of them. Some found answers to their confusions and for some it has been de-stressing and relaxing tool.

I feel joyful, honoured and blessed to have learnt an effective process of healing, which brings back peace and calmness into people’s life.

In Love and Gratitude for accepting me as your student, Raveena, India (Residing in Singapore).”


Healing Crystals @ New Straits Times, 05.10.2010

>> Monday, December 24, 2012


Testimonial On Crystal Meditation - Green Aventurine

>> Friday, November 9, 2012

"I highly recommend attending and benefiting from Tristen Churn’s Crystal Meditation sessions. I have personally experienced and greatly benefited from two divinely blessed sessions with Tristen. Each session brought me such profound insights into deep rooted problems and fears, which have affected my daily life and limited my living out my true potential. I am so grateful for Tristen’s channeling the crystals blessings that have helped me so much in healing and overcoming these often deeply hurtful hurdles. As I have been blessed and helped, this is what I wish for others to experience by attending and participating in a session with Tristen -- whose sessions are also blessed with such compassion, angelic-crystalline light, smiles and laughter, and love for humanity."

~ Jennifer Mourin, Penang ~


Testimonial On Crystalline Karmic Healing: Mental & Emotional Patterns

“Tristen's healing works magic. And that too instantaneously. In a day, my life changed - I started working on projects I had put in the back burner, broke old patterns and opportunities just flowed. Everything happened gracefully and easily. I am grateful for Tristen's compassion in being readily available to help others, empower and nurture them. Thank you.”

~ Mahi, Kuala Lumpur ~


推薦言: 水晶工作坊 ~ 自然要素之连系

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2012

六月十七日,我有幸于马六甲静心轩上了心灵咨询师郑永祥的水晶工作坊。很有趣的一课, 因为老师很风趣,又爱笑! 

永祥介绍了水晶的特性,性质,类别。如何清理,充电。如何应用水晶做冥想,感应不同的水晶的能量。 Even though this is elementary level, it's informative and useful. 

我个人很喜欢老师分给的讲义的第一段: “水晶是矿物王国赐予人类最神圣的献礼;亦是来自大地之母的创造物。当您心理准备,适宜的水晶将运用其自身内在的智慧与方式来到你身边。我们得相信每个和我们接触的水晶是合适的,并且是要和你一起合作。让你有机会进入水晶世界,了解其灵性的一面。这一段短文让我陶醉与眷恋水晶世界!


练习1是我用我的spirit quartz 做心轮冥想:当老师要我们注意感觉时,我觉得有气在走,刺刺的感觉;脑海浮现出粉红色的光。 当时因为刚吃了午餐,脑袋挺昏沉的,就睡着了。结果,居然有个讯息进入,叫我别睡,别想偷懒!噢!天啊,我马上醒来,立刻坐正。 您瞧,连偷个懒都别想耶。。。

永祥也帮我解去谜思 - 人类不停的挖掘,会把水晶挖空,而损害了地球吗?永祥说不会的。水晶是取之不尽,用之不竭! 当这里的水晶被挖掘时,在另一个地方,会有新的水晶继续生长。因为在水晶世界里,时间并不存在。哈哈哈,我可以放心的应用水晶了。


~ 张美丽,新加坡 ~


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